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Word Salad Jazzmatron

You haven't seen enough movies. All life's riddles are answered in the movies.

I am the type of person who lists their favorite foreign films with their original language titles on the internet, but cannot pronounce them in real life.

Freaks and Geeks is nerdy love

abba, abnormal psychology, acting, agnostacism, alan rickman, andrew lloyd webber, andy warhol, angry beavers, antiwar, apples to apples, aqua teen hunger force, archetypes, art, asian food, asian guys, astrology, b-movies, baby animals, bad reality tv, bagels, banter, barry bostwick, baz luhrmann, beer, being right, bell auditorium, bitch magazine, blue eyes, books, boots, bright colors, broadway, burlesque, candy, cartoons, celebrities, celebrity gossip, cher, chicklit, christian fucking bale, christopher gorham, coffee, collage, columbia college chicago, creation, creative nonfiction, daisies, debauchery, diane delano, dirty birthday cards, documentary filmmaking, ethics, fame audits, fandom, feminism, filmmaking, forums, freaks and geeks, friends, haiku, harry potter, heat, innuendo, jake gyllenhaal, jason dean, jeopardy, joan of arc, johnny depp, jt leroy, knowledge bowl, louisa may alcott, mark cohen, media, montage, movies, music, musicals, newsies, nick hornby, ninjas, noses, oscar predictions, pacing, painting my nails, parody, penguins, philosophy, pinball, pokémon, pop culture, popular, porn, reading, reefer madness, religion, rocky horror picture show, sammy davis jr., sarah mclachlan, self-obsession, seth rogen, sex work, sexuality, sharpies, singing, slash, snarkfest, spelling, steve buscemi, steve martin, stupidcrackmusic, sylvia plath, sytycd, tea, telekinesis, the 1950s, the american girl series, the big lebowski, the coen brothers, the white stripes, theatre, tim burton, ugly betty, undeclared, vampires, woody allen, writing, your mom, youth performance company